Ele­na and Sergey Fomenko
Excur­sion to Bel­gium — super! Brus­sels and Bruges are great cities for tourists inter­est­ed in art and his­to­ry. Thanks for the great organization. 
Anna Seli­v­ano­va
We have long dreamed of vis­it­ing Nor­mandy. Thanks to the most com­fort­able orga­ni­za­tion of the excur­sion, there was enough time to study every­thing and take great photos. 
Andrey Rim­mer
We returned from France a few days ago and are still under the impres­sion of the trip. The excur­sions are very infor­ma­tive and very well orga­nized. Thanks! 
Gali­na Mironova
We went on an excur­sion to Cham­pagne with col­leagues at work. The dri­ver picked us up from the hotel at the appoint­ed time. Dur­ing the trip, we were not tired, as the excur­sion was orga­nized com­fort­ably. Thanks for a great day! 
Nadezh­da Azarova
I would like to express my deep grat­i­tude for the excur­sion! Such an indi­vid­ual approach to each client can only be envied. We are a spe­cif­ic com­pa­ny)) Thank you very much for Ver­sailles, with­out you we would def­i­nite­ly not have seen it like this)) And thanks to you we want to come back again)) With love, Nadezh­da) We will be back! 
Dmit­ry Fonda
Good day! Unfor­tu­nate­ly we only had one day in Paris. We only planned to book a trans­fer from the air­port. We also had a guid­ed sight­see­ing car tour, I advise every­one who has not been to Paris! In three hours we saw this city in all its splendor! 
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