Tour of antique auctions in Paris: Drouot and others

Are you a col­lec­tor? Do you like antiques? Or you just want to give some­one an exclu­sive and unusu­al gift that can­not be found in the super­mar­ket? In this case, this unique tour is for you! Our expe­ri­enced guide will help you with the most famous Paris auc­tions, such as Sothe­by’s, Christie’s and Drouot, as well as any Flea mar­kets.


Sothe­by’s is one of the old­est and largest auc­tion hous­es in the world. Togeth­er with Christie’s, Sothe­by’s auc­tion holds about 90 per­cent of the glob­al auc­tion mar­ket for antiques, art and oth­er unique goods. Ini­tial­ly, Sothe­by’s was a closed club only for aris­to­crats. Cur­rent­ly, a vis­it to the auc­tion house is avail­able to every­one who is inter­est­ed in this sphere.


For many years Christie remains the leader in the glob­al art mar­ket. Christie’s auc­tion annu­al­ly arranges more than 350 ten­ders in 80 cat­e­gories. This vari­ety includes all areas of fine and applied art, jew­el­ry, pho­tog­ra­phy, col­lectibles, wine and oth­er trends. By the way, it was in Christie’s in 2019 that the head of the bust of the Egypt­ian pharaoh Tutankhamun was sold for almost $ 6 mil­lion, despite all the protests of Egypt.


Drouot is not only a French auc­tion house, but also a world famous land­mark and a mag­nif­i­cent muse­um. All this is incred­i­bly inter­est­ing for a mod­ern edu­cat­ed per­son. The old­est house, shroud­ed in his­to­ry, its spe­cial sta­tus and the many avail­able lots over the years attracts hun­dreds of tourists from dif­fer­ent coun­tries every year.

The auc­tion site Drouot is open to any­one inter­est­ed in art. 3,000 auc­tions per year, 800,000 lots — this is the tra­di­tion­al scope of Drouot. Here you can study the cat­a­logs, get acquaint­ed with the pro­fes­sion­al assess­ment of the sub­ject or buy an item you like, or you can just take a walk and enjoy what you see.

Dur­ing the tour you will receive pro­fes­sion­al advice on the pur­chase of any antiques. Our licensed guide has vast expe­ri­ence in this field. The con­tent of the route is spec­i­fied by pri­or agree­ment with the client.

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