Excursion to Epernay

Excursion to Epernay


Город Эперне The city of Eper­nay — the cap­i­tal of Cham­pagne, is known world­wide for its large “cham­pagne hous­es”, which replace each oth­er on the famous Avenue de Cham­pagne Boule­vard. Here the cozy Moët et Chan­don, De Castel­lane and Merci­er are side by side. For a cham­pagne lover, a trip to Eper­nay is a life­long dream.

Sparkling wine prac­ti­cal­ly flows through the veins of Eper­nay, it is a source of wealth of the city. It is the city that owes its wine­mak­ing its decent archi­tec­ture, such as the majes­tic town hall, the Perier Cas­tle and the Gabriel Dorzia The­ater.

Trav­el­ling to Eper­nay, you will vis­it the famous ancient under­ground cel­lars, where the steady cold tem­per­a­ture allows the cham­pagne to calm­ly ripen. Enjoy the atmos­phere of the Cham­pagne region, study its his­to­ry and cul­ture. Take a look at sev­er­al famous winer­ies: Moët & Chan­don (Moet e Chadon) and Merci­er (Merci­er) to learn about the process and fea­tures of the pro­duc­tion of sparkling wines. A pleas­ant chord of the trip will be tast­ing the best cham­pagne brands of the world!

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