Excursion to Belgium (Brussels, Bruges)

Excursion to Belgium (Brussels, Bruges)



The convenient location of Brussels allows you to reach it in just a few hours.

In the capital of Belgium, Flanders and Europe there is one of the most beautiful squares in the world – Grand Place. It houses the Gothic Town Hall of the 14th century with a high bell tower, and the “King’s House”. The city is rich in museums, including: the Museum of the History of Brussels, the Wax Museum, the Museum of Aeronautics and Automobiles, Contemporary Art and, world-famous, the Museum of Mini-Europe. Architecture lovers can admire an amazing local combination of Baroque, Gothic and Art Nouveau styles.

There are unique museums in Brussels, such as the Musical Instrument Museum, the Beer Museum, the Chocolate and Cocoa Museum. Also, the city is considered the birthplace of pralines, french fries and Belgian waffles.

Next, you and I can go to the hospitable and romantic Brugge. This is an amazing tale for children and adults who have fallen into a magical town with colorful gingerbread houses.

Bruges is one of the most beautiful and picturesque European cities, located in West Flanders. Quite often, it is also called the Venice of the North. You will be fascinated by its narrow canals, passing under the walls of the multi-colored facades of houses decorated with flowers and ornamental plants.

And, of course, you can not do without buying chocolate in memory of your visit to one of the most beautiful places on earth.

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